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To produce a community of excellent Pupil-Teachers rooted in tradition, equipped for the future.  


Campus life outside the classroom will be busy offering a variety of Co-Curricular activities depending on the number of students participating in them. There is provision for Games like Cricket, Volley ball, Badminton, T.T. etc. in the College. The Students are given incentives for participation in these games and Competitions are frequently organized at different Levels.


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Principal of Govt PG college Hamirpur being introduced to the college cricket team before cricket match.



Students participate in annual sports meet with full zeal and zest.

Here a student is trying to cross high jump bar while others are watching patiently.

Let's all jump to win a medal

this is what our students are doing at 

annual sports meet in the college

'Hold the ball and through it to me'

our students struggle to fight to win the hand ball match.



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